Gymnasium Burning Man

WARNING! This site contains nudity

2019 - Gymnasium will be located at 7:30 G - Plaza

Come visit us or join us for one of our events!

Check out our events schedule, drop it for a wrestle, stretch your body at Yoga, press yourself onto our Art Wall, tiptoe across our slack line or just drop in to say hello. Welcome to Gymnasium!

Check out a short video of Gymnasium 2017 here

Gymnasium theme camp was started by Kirill Tokarev in 2015 as part of his Active Naturists group. Our camp is a group of approximately 25 campers who embrace the freedom of naturist activities both on and off the Playa. Camp members are gay and straight, multiple ethnicities and come from countries around the world including France, Australia, Russia, Singapore, England and of course the United States.


4:00 pm - Naked Oil Wrestling


10:00 am - Naked Yoga

1:00 pm - Special event - Gymnasium are hosting Naked Oil Wrestling @ Land of Monkey campsite! (Address TBC)


4:00 pm - Naked Oil Wrestling


10:00 am - Naked Yoga

4:30 pm - Naked Pottery


4:00 pm - Naked Oil Wrestling

5:30 pm - Naked Yoga