2022 Events

Please hold, we'll be back in 2022! Until then, stay safe and healthy!

  • Naked Oil Wrestling Make sure you don't miss our naked oil wrestling. Lose your clothes and inhibitions, give your skin a well deserved rub down with oil and step up to the mat! Wrestling is one of the most fun sports you can ever try, more so when you are on the Playa. It’s also one of humanity’s oldest and was among the major events of the original Olympics. Long before we were kicking balls around we were rolling around in the dirt, putting each other in headlocks! It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice who’s never tried it in your life or an experienced fighter, come along and experience this amazing bonding experience in Gymnasium, Black Rock City’s Ancient Greek wrestling school!

  • Naked Yoga Nude yoga and acro-yoga – for a better flow and connection sometimes we’ll end the session with drinking wine in your favorite poses, as Ancient Greeks sometimes drank wine in acrobatic poses at their symposiums. Free your body, free your mind!

  • Naked Pottery Who doesn't like getting their fingers into it and getting a bit dirty? The ancient Greeks did! Pull up some Playa, channel your long lost Greek nonna and get creative with some clay. Create a bowl, small vase or even a shape that represents your mind. Naked pottery is a great way to meet some new friends, relax and unwind, or even a safe quiet place to try being naked in public for the first time!

  • Naked Challenges & Games The Ancient Greeks always trained and competed naked – in fact the ’gym’ comes from the word ‘gymnos’, meaning ‘naked’ in Greek. For 2020, we'll have a new challenge with out slack line, some classic outdoor games including cornhole & giant dice yatzee, get your dusty playa bits photo using one of our naked body parts photo frames or simply throw your balls around in a game of bocce!

2022 Events Schedule


4:00 pm - Naked


10:30 am - Nude


4:00 pm - Clothing free


10:30 am - Unclad

4:30 pm - Bare


4:00 pm - Free

5:30 pm - Natural